Stacy Eden Designer of "Clutch Jewelry"

Stacy Eden, designer of Clutch Jewelry and I met for the first time at the Phoenix Fashion Week seminars where we exchanged information and talked briefly.  A week later, we were sitting in Wildflower Bread Company enjoying lunch and talking about her jewelry collection. Before Eden became a jewelry designer, she was first in school studying to become a lawyer. She knew deep in her heart that it was not what she was meant to do. She then switched majors to English. “I was thinking, okay, this could work, I’ve always wanted to travel and I can also teach” Eden said about switching to English. But when Eden really started to think about it more, she really did not want to study and major in English either. She decided she really needs to find her passion and what she really loves to do, so she decided to read a couple of books on finding your passion. All the books she read told her to choose what she loved when she was little. “That was simple, I love art a lot! So I signed up for one art class a semester.”
                Eden knew from the very first art class she went into that she fell in love with craft, and knew it was important that she stick with it in some form or another. Soon after starting art classes, she learned there was a class about how to make jewelry. That immediately got her attention and she signed up. It took her a while to get in, since it is very advanced and hard to get accepted into, but her last semester of school she was accepted. As soon as she started the class, she knew this was the kind of art she would be creating forever. She fell in love with everything about it, from heating the sheet metal and banging on it with hammers to form the design she was desired. Once that semester was up, Eden still had two credits to earn to graduate the class. She did not want to sign up for more semesters, so she went to Costa Rica to earn the last two credits. The culture and the people really inspired her in not only her jewelry line but also her personal life. Eden really started noticing things surrounding her and it really changed the way she looked at things in everyday life.
                Eden has such incredible talent, patience and dedication for her designs she creates. Each piece takes at least 100 hours to create the original design. Once she has the original done, she can mold replicas in wax and create limited amounts of the same design in a lot less time. Eden right now designs rings, bracelets and necklaces. The bracelets and necklaces are charms with leather bands. Once she is more of an established designer, she will start creating a lot more designs, such as cuffs. She has created her metal jewelry to age well and to last for a lifetime and to be passed down to generations.
                Eden just a few weeks ago was in Austin, Texas for the Southern Lights Music Festival with Lupe Fiasco, Bun B, Trae the Truth, Paul Wall, RJD2, Roosh, Milkman, Hosted by Adam Rapp from SportsRapp Live along with Ali and Phife Dawg from the tribe Quest, she was very excited to be heading out there and see her jewelry worn. Stacy Eden is one to really keep your eye out for in the future.

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Jack Alexander Photography


I am in love with Alexander's photography. When I first opened my e-mail up from him and saw the photos, tears fell from eyes. Stunning work, I am in love!
I am going to be contacting him for and interview, Watch out Jack, here I come!

MabellaChic Photo's

MabellaChic Spring 2012 Collection.

Bilby & Moss Photo's

Bilby&Moss store. Located in Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.



I was very excited to meet with Mabel Cortez, designer of MabellaChic. I first met Cortez in the Style Villa at Phoenix Fashion Week where I saw her designs for the first time and I completely fell in love with her clothes. I met with Cortez the week after Phoenix Fashion Week, after everything was calming down, at Starbucks in Tempe Market Place. Cortez only currently works out of her home, but one of her goals is to see her clothes in boutiques and she is hoping after a lot of boutiques saw her designs on the runway she will be able to show and sell her clothes in their stores. Cortez is originally from Long Beach, California and she moved to Arizona three and a half years ago. She went to school at ‘Fashion Institute of Merchandising’ in Los Angeles at the young age of 19. She went to a school that gave her the opportunities to study fashion design but also a school that gave her the business side to become a better designer and to know the business side to help run her label.   
                Cortez started designing five years ago, starting in California and then moved to Arizona because she felt there was a need for fashion in the state and she really wanted to bring her vision here in Arizona. Her Spring 2012 collection will defiantly spark interest in a lot of people in Arizona, but also people all across the country. Her Spring collection is a breath of fresh air with all the bright and playful designs. Playing with torques, greens and yellows to her clothes putting the neon colors on dresses to shorts and shirts. One of my favorite designs is actually a black and white dress that has such an intricate flower detail on the shoulders that you immediately want to have it on. Cortez’s inspiration behind her collection is for the full time working woman as well as a full time student or mother. The concept is to be able to take her clothes from day to night, just adding a few pieces to spice the outfit up to night, such as switching from flats to heels or throwing on a blazer for the night out. I was able to feel her fabrics she used, which is jersey and cotton and those fabrics keep the designs very light and breathable.
                Cortez had a whole team to help her prepare for Phoenix Fashion Week and her lookbook. Meet her team; Family and friends. Cortez’s mother helped her sew all her samples while her brother, James Perez a photographer for Hermosa Vida Photography helped with her lookbook along with Stella Crowl. Her friends have been very supportive and have helped if she needs anymore hands to help out. Her husband is her biggest fan but also her biggest critic. “He’s very honest and just tells me how it is. He doesn’t want to lie to me if it looks bad. I wouldn’t want him too” said Cortez about her husband. Phoenix Fashion Week was only the beginning for Cortez and there are many new and exciting events heading her way and I cannot wait to watch her grow as designer.

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Bilby and Moss Design Label

The first thought that comes to mind about Bilby & Moss is; comfort, but that does not mean their designs lack style. Bilby & Moss’s founder Marc Flimon has really created a chic style while adding in the complete comfort into the clothes. All the clothes are made in Los Angeles, California and the fabric is made with water- based inks, eco-friendly material. They are all cotton based with materials like micro modal. A few of the main goals in their designs is to be very comfortable, chic and affordable and the all American men and woman look.
                 Before Bilby & Moss opened their first store in America, they first had a location in Vancouver, Canada. Flimon decided his designs belonged more in America and he opened his first store in Scottsdale, Arizona in Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. Arizona is the only location in America right now, but the goal is to expand all across the country. Another reason to fall in love with their clothes is not only because they are used out of organic materials, but also because classic pieces that can be mixed in with your favorite outfits, man or woman. Their clothes can be worn so many ways as well. Their T-dress is their biggest seller to woman. There are many ways you can wear the dress by belting it at your waist, slide a sleeve off of your shoulder and there are many more ways to create your own look.
                Bilby & Moss is the only location in Arizona that carries Raven Denim. Raven Denim is very high quality denim that is stylish yet comfort. Bilby & Moss also carry local Arizona jewelry designers as well as a couple of California jewelry designers. Bilby & Moss first got involved with Phoenix Fashion Week in Fashions Night out in Phoenix, Arizona on September 8th, 2011, where Bilby & Moss hosted a fashion meet up party in their store. For the meet up, Bilby & Moss had just recently moved locations in Scottsdale Fashion Square on September 3rd to give their shoppers more room to move around, as well as having more looks in their store. The fashion meet up was their first time working with Phoenix Fashion Week, but defiantly not their last one. After the meet up, their next step was to have their designs go down the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week 2011 showcased to Arizona. Twenty-four looks went down the runway and were a huge hit with the Arizona fashion market. I cannot wait to see Bilby & Moss expand all across the country and to see them grow. This is a designer that you really want to own for complete style and comfort.
See more information and to buy at: http://www.bilbyandmoss.com/
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At Joy Li's studio.
Li's store is gorgeous and it really showcases her designs. 
See story below for more details.


Designer Joy Li

From the moment I pulled up and started towards Joy Li’s store, I suddenly felt relaxed. Li’s storefront is very bright and inviting to the public and a store I would immediately go into if I were walking past. When I walked into the store, I was extremely happy to see Li standing in her store re-organizing a rack of clothes. Li has started recently re-creating her store and has expanded to add more clothes and move clothes around to move her new collection to the front, but not only does expanding and re-organizing the store add something special, the store itself is incredible. The store is very spacious and you can walk around easily from one section to another, due to the recent store expansion. The details are incredible, from the bamboo flooring all the way to the light fixtures that really showcase her designs. Li really plays in the natural light in her store to keep it very raw and to keep it very calm and relaxing. In the middle of her store, Li has put two spacious dressing rooms. On the outside of the dressing rooms she has two full size mirrors to look at the designs once tried on.  Li showcases her jewelry in a glass case that is back lit with glass and marble.
In the back of Li’s store, I spotted her Spring 2012 collection, which I was able to see go down the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week 2011. (photos below). Li’s inspiration for the Spring 2012 collection was all about the elegance and the New York City girl. Her designs can go from day to night easily, just paired with different accessories, such as throwing on one of her colorful faux fur shoulder wraps to really transform to evening wear. Li played with a lot of color in her collection and paired beautiful color mixtures such as a deep red and a dark, royal purple that when paired together creates something so magical. All her fabrics are one of a kind and the materials and fabrics are from all over the world, from the flea markets in Florence to LA. You can really tell her fabrics are one of a kind, because you do not see them from any other designer’s.
Li doesn’t only have her designs in her store, but also showcases other designers from all over the world. Li likes to have other designers in her store as well because she wants her customers to be able to mix and match to create their own style with not just one designer. When I was talking with Li, I started to think about her inspiring video she had at Phoenix Fashion Week and I learned that she made that video for project runway and she found out from the last minute that she needed a video for the Phoenix Fashion Week. The video was very inspiring and she really connected with the audience in the video and she poured her heart out and it was very raw and true. I asked Li what really drew her to designing; her answer was simple like any designer’s would be, but I saw it with passion and the love. She started at a young age; she always loved art and the arts growing up. It was an escape for her, to be herself and who she really was when she was younger before she could express herself in reality. Her parents were not accepting of the arts and designing and the path she wanted to take, but Li took the risk and followed what her heart and soul told her to do. Well, I am very happy she did take the designing path and I know many other people around the world are as well!
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7144 E. Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251

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Dejamone Dezynz is attending Fashion Beyond the Grave

Dejamone Dezynz is attending Fashion Beyond the Grave on October 28th in Minneapolis. If you are in town or live there, make sure to check it out! I had Will Chandler, designer of Dejamone Dezynz send over some information.
"Minneapolis Inner Life Magazine is our media sponsor for the Fashion Beyond the grave fashion event taken place on Friday, Oct. 28th.
Minneapolis Inner Life is covering the local fashion scene. We like to recognize local designers, boutiques, models, hairstylists, photographers, and many others in the industry. The next fashion show we will be covering will focus on local designers here in the Twin Cities. “Fashion Beyond the Grave”  is a Halloween theme fashion show set to take place on Friday, Oct. 28th, 2011 at the historic and prestigious Whisky Park in downtown Minneapolis.
Doors open at 8pm, Show starts at 11:30 pm sharp, GA standing room tickets $10 advanced and $15 at the door.  VIP front row seating $20 advanced, $30 at the door
The event is at Whisky Park
15 S 5th St
Advanced tickets at:
Twitter: @Dejamone

Outlier Style

At Phoenix Fashion Week 2011, I was walking around the style villa before the runway shows and I came across Daniela Escobar and Yaiza Brown's booth. I immediately ventured towards the booth set up because of any woman's reason. Jewelry. Their extremely fun and bright jewelry immediately stood out to me and fun and bright in jewelry is my two favorite elements in jewelry to have!
When I started talking to the two girls, I instantly fell in love with them and their jewelry. Plus, they are stylist's! I had Escobar and Brown send over a bio about how they got started and a little bit of information on their jewelry!

"Outlier Style was founded in April 2009 by Daniela Escobar and Yaiza Brown, 2 friends that met and realized they were meant to expand and grow together, as a business and as people.
      Outlier Style was born with the idea in mind of upgrading people's wardrobe with fun, affordable and chic jewelry, hosting private parties for friends and friends of friends! Eventually, they decided to expand to hair salons, yoga studios, gyms, etc., making it accessible to the public.
The aesthetic is always unique, stylish, chic and funky, keeping the passion for fashion at a super affordable price, with a wide selection of accessories and clothing."

Daniela Escobar: "I knew that I wanted to be involved in the fashion business when I realized that I could go to any shop, whether it was a high end or thrift store and find the potential in any piece, regardless of the price".

Yaiza Brown: "To me, fashion has always been my escape, my form of expression, my inspiration. I've never found it necessary to spend thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks; all you need is imagination and an eye for details".

Escobar and Brown also are stylist's and offer personal shopping services.
They wanted to be available to help women and men express their style with unique looks based on their body shapes and personality.
They love getting dress everyday and that's why they started the styling business, they wanted to help people get that feeling of feeling great and once they started, they couldn't go back to their past, of who they used to be.
Escobar and Brown's motto is " BE TRENDY NOT SPENDY", They specialize in making people look great for a lot less"

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